Did you hear the one about the lawyer who charged $1.3 million to recover $179,000?

There’s no punchline. It actually happened.

That’s why you need

Here is an overview of the Santorian process:

1. Initial Steps. At the beginning of every legal matter, Santorian works with you and your outside attorneys to:

  • analyze the value of the representation in relation to your overall business strategy
  • evaluate the potential gains and losses from the matter
  • define the scope of the engagement
  • negotiate a fee arrangement and payment schedules
  • evaluate the credentials of the personnel assigned to the matter
  • establish a realistic budget for the matter

2. Invoices. Your attorneys submit their invoices directly to Santorian.

3. Value Audit. Throughout the matter, Santorian measures the value of your attorneys’ work by performing a complete, real-time value analysis at every stage – from the overall matter strategy down to each individual time entry.

4. Invoice Adjustment. Santorian communicates with your outside attorneys to ensure any necessary adjustments are made to bring attorney charges in line with the budget and to ensure that you have received maximum value for your money.

5. Approved for Payment. After the invoices have been “value adjusted,” Santorian forwards the revised invoices to you for payment of the true value of the legal work you have received.

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